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1. International Pétanque Challenge, Straubing, 18.02.2011
so far are registrated: Association-Teams of BAVARIA-1 and BAVARIA-2, National Teams of POLAND, National Teams of AUSTRIA.
The following federations/associations wish to come but are not registrated so far:
Russia, Czech Republic, Rhineland-Palatinate
Not certain are:
Slovenia, Hessia
Not participating, but wants to join in 2013:

Modus: TRIPLETTES (max. 4 players per triplette), Categories:
ESPOIRS (under 23 g., allowed are espoirs and even juniors players)
YOUTH (Juniors and Cadets are allowed)

Every country plays in each categorie, for example:
Hessia MEN 1 13:10 Poland MEN 1
Hessia MEN 2 11:13 Poland MEN 2
Hessia WOMEN 13:7 Poland WOMEN
Hessia ESPOIRS 5:13 Poland ESPOIRS
Hessia YOUTH 9:13 Poland YOUTH

Result: Hessia : Poland [ 0:1, 2:3, 51:56 ]

Greetings & Poka,

P.S. Sorry for the wrong year in the headline: NOT 18.2.2011
IT IS OF COURSE in 2012!,
18. 02. 2012 !!!

19.02.2012: Doublette Tournament, after Poule A-B dir. knock out (french Poule system, minimum 3-4 matches guaranteed)
1. International Pétanque Challenge, Straubing, 18.02.2011
On 18th of February (Subota), the Bavarian Pétanque Association will held its first international tournament in the Straubing Petanque Indoor Hall. We ask the players of the Russian Petanque Federation if they are interested in participation?
There will be 5 triplettes (5 x 3-4 players) necessary:
- Men-1 team
- Men-2 team
- Women team
- Espoirs team (under 23 goda)
- Youth team (Juniors or Cadets players)
Each category will play against the other, e.g. Men-2 Bavaria against Men-2 Austria etc.
Registration will end already on 30. November 2011!
The following teams are already registered: Bavaria1, Bavaria2, Poland
The following teams are planing a participation: CzechRep., Austria, Rhineland-Palatinate
Uncertain of participation so far: Thuringia, Slovenia

If you are interested, please ask Oleg Petrov, he has the invitations in different languages (D, GB, CZ, PL etc.)

Alexander Bauer
СОБИРАЕМ КОМАНДУ НА Чемпионат Мира среди юниоров, Турция Кемер, 21-23 октября.
Dear Youngsters, Team Russia!
Congratulation to your very good performance in Kemer!

Your fan,
EuroCup - европейский клубный турнир
may I tell you my estimation of the strengthness of the teams in group D:
1. Valle Maira (Italy)
2. Lindome (Sweden)
3.-4. Hribovci (Slovenia) and maybe the Russian Team (only if you train good and have a good competition-weekend!)
5.-6. SportsBar (England) and Wiener-Trilogie (Austria)
So my Tip: Try to beat England and Austria (both will be hard games! but you really have a good chance for winning)
and concentrate for Hribovci from Slovenia (!!!) - they will be your real tough and close opponent for Ranking Place 3 and therefore
for the qualification for the next round!!!

Group A is the strongest group. Group C the lowest Group with weak teams in the Cup like Latvia, Wales and Hungary.

EuroCup - европейский клубный турнир
Other Groups:

A - in Germany:
A1: TSG Weinheim-Lützelsachsen (Germany)
A2: DUC de Nice (France)
A3: n.y.n. (Switzerland)
A4: Hvidovre BK Copenhagen (Denmark)
A5: PC Carreau Brno (Czech Republic)

B - in Slovakia:
B1: Jewel CP Bratislava (Slovakia)
B2: Carrefour PC (Isle of Jersey)
B3: Les Cailloux (Netherlands)
B4: BSC Jarvenpää (Finland)
B5: SK Optima (Estonia)

C - in Latvia
C1: VVK Ventspils (Latvia)
C2: CB Monegasque (Monaco)
C3: Joli Bois Bruxelles (Belgium)
C4: Sir Henry Morgan's PC (Wales)
C5: Magyarski-Ose (Hungary)

The best 3 Teams of all Groups A, B, C and D will be qualified for the second round in 8./9. October:
1. Group A (Home)
2. Group B
3. Group C
1. Group B (Home)
2. Group C
3. Group D
1. Group C (Home)
2. Group D
3. Group A
1. Group D (Home)
2. Group A
3. Group B
Only the 4 winners of the second round are going up to the finals on 2.-4. December in Luxemburg!

EuroCup - европейский клубный турнир
here is the result of the CEP-drawing (only a few hours old):
GROUP D in Sweden (at Club Lindome BK) on 30./31. July:
D1: Lindome BK (Sweden)
D2: PCI Wiener-Trilogie (Austria)
D3: Sports Bar PC (England)
D4: n.y.n. (=not yet named) (RUSSIA)
D5: Hribovci Dolsko (Slovenia)
D6: Bocciofila Valle Maira (Italia)

Greetings from Aleks (CEP-Webmaster)
ЧМ 2010, Измир
5:6 victories, Ladies in 2006 in Grenoble. But what most important is, is that russian women went into 2. round of ЧМ! That means more difficult games - and stronger opponents. An interesting example: Against Italy - after all 5. Place in ЧМ women over many many years, but Natalia-Alena-Margarita had an excellent performance. Italy's coach tried to leave italians best women player outside the match from the beginning. But russian women were 8:0 in front - then the italian coach had to exchange and brought their best player into the match - one of the top shooter of the world from cup winner ANPI Casallese. Finally Italy won (13:10), but everybody knew from this point on: Italy had to play with its best players in order to win against russian women. And there were 2 other games where 'we' lost (Australia and Canada) - not because they were better, but because Russia had a 4. player who tried everything to disturb our performance and our good playing: A team and a coach can NEVER act for 100% when there is someone in the team who wants to destroy team's harmony and coach's tactics. That was the main reason why Russia lost against Australia and Canada in 2006 - as a german trainer, i would say, it was a typical leak of discipline of that player No. 4! I also think, ranking 17-24 (=Barrage of 1/16 final) of 46 teams from 44 countries was so far the best result that could be reached in world championship for Russia. I will also never forget in my life the match against Austria, where the ladies won 13:11 after a 0:11 and a tactical change of positions. That was COOL!
ЧМ 2010, Измир
i remember 2006 very good - what a great tournament of "our" Katastrofa+Lena+Rita! Ladies, you made every fan happy with your playing!
In the first poule-round the victories over Andorra 13:5 and Austria 13:11 and after a "8:0"-leading against Italy loosing only 10:13.
Qualified for the second poule round (16th-final)! There 0:13 against the World champion from Thailand, then winning 13:12 in 2,5 hours against Mauritius.
Barrage-Match against Slovenia - winner would be in the 1/8-Final of the championship. There they lost 7:13.
Okay - that is now the Cup of Nations... Urrah - winning against Argentina (13:10) and Seychelles (13:12).... winner of the Poule!
1/8-Final of Cup of nations against Monaco: 23:00 o'clock until 02:15 o'clock in the morning - loosing 12:13 after a comfortable 12:8 leading....
the ladies were exhausted, tired .... but we all were very happy! What a marvellous time ... 2006 in Grenoble.

ЧМ 2010, Измир
Dear All - Privet,

i just called the german DPV-president who is also member of the executive commitee of the CEP (european fed.). He told me that Armenia (because of Turkey) and San Marino (because of money) will NOT go to Izmir. Furthermore 2 qualified african federations will NOT go to Izmir, and - another not named country will not join the ЧМ. So it is clear for AUSTRIA, RUSSIA, SLOVAKIA and ANDORRA (remember my last email!) and another not qualified country to play the championship in Turkey. It is 100% for sure!
Poka, and kisses to all,
Aleksander is Regensburge

ЧМ 2010, Измир
Privet, dear friends, daragie drusia, mes amis, meine freunde!

I have information from the president of the european petanque federation , Flemming Jensin, who spoke with Claude Azema about a possible participation of the following federations in reserve for Izmir, Turkey:
Austria, Russia, Slovakia and Andorra.
Flemming wrote me:
" In Slovenia I talked to Claude Azema, and it is very likely, that our 4 reserve Federations (1 Austria) (2 Russia) (3 Slovakia) (4 Andorra) will be invited to participate in the WC in Izmir, Turkey. We have already decided that it is the 4 Federations in question. We wait for news from FIPJP. "

In my opinion there will be a >75% chance that your national team will be invited for the world championship in Turkey! So please be prepared if it comes like that!

I deeply hope you will perform well in Izmir!
cheers to all,

Alexander Bauer
Webmaster CEP and biggest fan of russian petanque outside your lovely country.

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